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Box of 4 Happy Hour Inspired Bath Melts

Box of 4 Happy Hour Inspired Bath Melts

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If you love a little magic & glitter and believe in unicorns & mermaid this colourful set is for you.

Made by Wild Olive

All Wild Olive product info: 

Our products are made with you in mind- making them gentle on the skin without any harsh chemicals

going back into our ecosystem.


None of our products contain any Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Parabens which are pretty nasty chemicals used

in the cosmetic industry.

  • Our products are NEVER tested on animals

All of our range is Vegetarian and is never tested on animals.

  • Sustainable ingredients

We carefully source our high quality ingredients from around the world and only ever use products from sustainable origins.

  • Recycled & Recyclable packaging

Our packaging is always sourced within the UK- usually using local businesses. All of our packaging and materials are either made from recycled materials or are re-cyclable.

  • Minimal energy used in manufacturing

We use very little power to manufacture our beautiful products- as everything is made by hand, we can keep energy use to the bare minimum.

  • Highest possible raw ingredients

We firmly believe that the best products are made from the very best raw ingredients which is why we search the world for the highest quality produce.